Master of Neurosciences

It is a 60 credits  UAB Official Master, granting access to the Ph.D. program in Neurosciences, and it is member of NENS, the Network of European Neuroscience Schools.

With a multidisciplinary teaching team, it has the aim to to educate future scientists to analyze the causes and consequences of pathological conditions of the nervous system, and pave the way for new therapeutic treatments.

In this matser the student wil learn the basics: chemical, cellular, structural and functional characteristics of central and peripheral nervous system, and neurobiology of cognition and behaviour. The student will also study the physiopathology and regeneration of neurological diseases:  the most common neuropathologies, what we know today about fighting them and future therapeutic approaches. Finally, the student will learn lab methodology and scientific communication, and will perform an experimental work for the master thesis in a research group of the Institute of Neurosciences.

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