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Barcelona Science Festival 2021

Barcelona Science Festival 2021

Last weekend, researchers from the Institute participated in the Barcelona Science Festival, organized by the City Council, which this year was part of the Science City Biennial. In a brief TED-Talk format, Dr. Roser Nadal talked about conduct disorders and Judith Sanchez explained what perineural networks are.


Last Sunday, June the 13th, the Institute of Marine Sciences became one of the many locations where the activities of the Barcelona Science Biennial, organized by the City Council, took place. Science was all around the city, thanks to those researchers who wanted to share their research with society.

On behalf of our Institute, Dr. Roser Nadal, from the Neurobiology of Stress and Vulnerability in Psychopathology research group, explained what behavioral disorders are and the key points to address them. Afterward, Judith Sànchez, from the Neuroplasticity and Regeneration research group, talked about perineural networks, and the importance they have in maintaining the balance between plasticity and stability.

There were some familiar faces among the audience, who surely learned a lot of new things!


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Campus ítaca at INc-UAB

Campus ítaca at INc-UAB

For the past 3 years, every summer we are part of Campus Ítaca, an initiative to bring University closer to boys and girls who, due to their socio-economic situation, have an educational disadvantage. The aim is to encourage them to continue their studies after the compulsory education. Also, to facilitate a meeting space for students from diverse social backgrounds, promoting the use of Catalan between them.

At the Institute, they learned about the nervous system through games and workshops, and observed nerve cells under different type of microscopes. They prepared mouse brain microscopy slides as well, and experienced how to do chromatographies.

It was a great experience and we are already looking forward to next edition!

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