Service labs (LPS)

- Coordinator: Dr. Raül Andero
Core focused on behavioral testing in both mice and rats. We use animal models of mental disorders and we have more than 20 years of experience in these experiments.
- Coordinator: Dr. Miguel Chillón
This laboratory is specialized in cloning, producing and purifying adenoviruses (human and canine) and adeno-associated virus serotypes (AAV). The facilities are prepared to work in a security level 2 and 3. Since its opening in 2003, it has been dedicated to the design, development, production and purification of more than 1500 viral vectors for basic research and gene therapy, to public institutions or companies.
The objective of this laboratory is to facilitate research in the field of Neurobiology, providing a platform of cutting-edge methodologies and technologies of the highest quality.
- Coordinator: Dr. Antonio Armario
The purpose is to provide support in the field of endocrinology and especially in the detection, quantification and analysis of hormones. They can carry out animal studies on the effect of drugs on the endocrine system, develop and validate immunoassay techniques for hormones or other types of molecules, and validate commercial kits for their application in other species or fluids different from those bywhich they have been validated.