Neuronal Culture

The INc-UAB neuronal culture technological platform is a specialized laboratory designed to facilitate the necessary expertise and resources to work with cell lines and primary cultures of nervous system lineage, with technical specialization on neurons and glia, for their subsequent qualitative and quantitative evaluation using different techniques.

For this reason, the laboratory has highly qualified and experienced technical personnel, as well as the equipment with a wide range of features.

The facilities and specialized equipment are available to INc-UAB groups, other UAB researchers, and also external public and private entities.




Activities of the technical staff of the Neural Culture Laboratory

• Maintenance and coordination of the use of common facilities and equipment for neuronal cultures

• Detect, analyse and solve user needs

• Monitoring, guidance and updating of regulations established in the facilities for neuronal cultures and biosafety activities type 2

• Technical support in using specific equipment and procedures for nervous system cultures

• Giving compulsory training for users to self-operate at the platform

• Performing experimental procedures for subsequent qualitative and quantitative evaluation by different cellular parameters

• Advice and support in ordering specialized materials and reagents

• Assistance and technical support in the design of experiments, protocols, analysis of the data obtained and interpretation of the results of the experimental procedures

• Supporting activities of scientific dissemination and teaching of the INc-UAB

• Study and evaluation of new techniques and scientific advances in the field of neuroscience for the INc-UAB technical laboratories platform


Techniques offered



Currently, the platform has three full-equipped cell culture rooms, one specialized for working with cell lines, another dedicated for primary cultures, and a third adaptable room versatile for both procedures. In addition, these laboratories have general equipment available for all platform users, located in accessory rooms needed to properly develop the cell culture work:


Featured equipment:

The facilities have been accredited by the Ministry to work with GMOs within the biosafety level 2




General conditions

When requesting trainings, staff-operated experiments, or use of facilities, the INc-UAB members will have priority over non-members. Upon request, members or non-members who have not previously used common laboratories or equipment will have preference over those who have recently done so.

Another important criterion will be the order of reception of requests and the possibility of the technician to intersperse them with other requests. If is not possible to intercalate orders, the technical staff will give priority to INc-UAB members and those who have not previously used the laboratories.

Reservations of the equipment of the platform can be made by two different ways: by e-mail (, or by the intranet once the potential users have passed the mandatory training (Please consult with the technical staff to register for the latter).


Schedules and Fees

The culture laboratories are regularly open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., although users who work under self-operated conditions and are authorized by the staff can use it outside this established schedule, on weekends and holidays (as long as they have correctly issued the appropriate authorization to have access during weekends and holidays).

The costs of training or conducting experimental procedures are divided into 2 items:

• Material used: fungible (reagents and other basic material) not supplied by the researcher, animals, if applicable and the use of equipment.

• Technician working hours: different fees will apply depending on the link that the user has with the UAB and the type of project in which fees will be charged

Neuronal culture Rates 2020

General rates 2020


For more information and orders contact:

Cristina Gutiérrez Salvador

Institut de Neurociències

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Unit

Faculty of Medicine Torre M2

Tel: 935814828

Fax: 935811573