Neuronal Culture

The Neuronal Culture Unit is a platform designed to provide the necessary resources to work with cell lines and primary cultures for further qualitative and quantitative assessment using different techniques.
For this, the platform has qualified and experienced technical staff and equipment with large range of features.
This laboratory and equipment are available to INc groups, UAB researchers and public and private entities.
Tasks performed by technicians:
  • Maintenance and coordination of the use of INc’s common equipment from their field of expertise.
  • Training in specific techniques developed by the specialist technician.
  • Mandatory training for users in self-service regime.
  • Execution of experimental procedures by the specialist technician.
The lab currently has three cell culture rooms, one for working with cell lines, other one to work with primary cultures and a third to use for any of the above procedure. These laboratories have equipment that is also available to Inc, which although not being in the cell culture rooms, is required to carry out the work in cell cultures.
INc members have preference over non-members and within these groups, those which have not previously used the equipment will have preference over those who have used it recently. Another important factor is a first arrive first serve basis, and the possibility of the technician to carry on different projects at a time.
For further information, please contact:
Cristina Gutiérrez Salvador
Institut de Neurociències
Unitat de Bioquímica i Biología Molecular
Facultat de Medicina
Tel: 935814828
Fax: 935811573