Molecular biology in neurosciences

The INc Molecular Biology Unit facilitates experimental design, training and procedures in molecular biology studies, particularly in the analysis and quantification of nucleic acids and proteins. The aim of the unit is to give support in routine nucleic acids purification, analysis and quantification but also to give advice and support in development or implementation of new technologies.



Tasks performed by the Molecular Biology Unit

  • Provide information, technical consultancy and technical support to the users of the unit
  • Detect, analyze and resolve the needs of the users
  • Maintenance and coordination of the use of INc’s common equipment
  • Training for auto-service users
  • Realization of experimental procedures


Offered Techniques

  • DNA, RNA and protein purification (QIAcube), analysis (Bioanalyzer) and quantification (NanoDrop One)
  • Restriction fragments and PCR products analysis (Bioanalyzer)
  • DNA and RNA probe labeling (radioactive, fluorescent...)
  • Gene expression analysis (RT-PCR, in situ hybridization...)
  • Prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells transformations (electroporation)
  • Transgenic mice genotyping
  • Support in multiplex analysis (MAGPIX luminex)



INc members have preference over non-members and within these groups, those which have not previously used the equipment will have preference over those who have used it recently. Another important factor is a first arrive first serve basis, and the possibility of the technician to carry on different projects at a time.

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For more information and orders please contact:

Javier Carrasco Trancoso
M Building, Office M1/108, Lab M1/145. 
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