Microscopy of the nervous system

The Microscopy of the nervous system Unit facilitates experimental design, training and procedures in microscope imaging studies of different biological and research samples. It is located at room M1-147 at INc, Faculty of Medicine of the UAB and is available for INc groups, for UAB researchers and public and private institutions.



Tasks performed by the Microscope Unit technicians

  • Maintenance and coordination of the usage of different microscopes from the microscopy lab.
  • Technical support in working with microscopes and imaging processing software (ImageJ, Metamorph, IMARIS and Huygens ) for untrained users. This support is offered for INc’s equipment as well as for other external equipment, owned by UAB.
  • Obligatory training for auto-service users.
  • Realization of experimental procedures by a specialist technician.


Techniques for self-operated or assisted by the lab technician

  • Image acquisition using bright field microscopes, in plates and slides (80i, 90i and TE2000E)
  • Acquisition of epifluorescence images in plates and slides (80i, 90i and TE2000E)
  • Acquisition of single or 3D high-resolution images with confocal microscope (Zeiss LSM700).
  • Image processing
  • Preparing experimental procedures to capture images
  • Image quantification from available microscopes
  • Image analysis assistance
  • Setting up Macros/Plugins for quantifications in Image J/Fiji 
  • Analysis of confocal images with IMARIS



Allows research studies in 3D image, multiple fluorescence and colocalization, in vivo imaging, studies of cellular intracellular calcium, pH, membrane potential, and others.

  • Confocal laser scanning microscope (Zeiss LSM 700): M1-147
  • Optical epifluorescence microscopes Nikon Eclipse 90i and 80i: M1-147
  • Optical epifluorescence microscopes Nikon Eclipse TE2000-E i TE2000-U: M2-129.1
  • Two–photon microscope (Sutter MOM with Newport-SpectraPhysics MaiTai DeepSee laser).



A wide range of different markers is also available: secondary antibodies, streptavidin and nuclear or membrane direct markers.



Available licenses for qualitative or quantitative image analysis:



INc members have priority over the rest of users. Use of microscope could be self-service or under direct guidance of a technician. Booking of microscopes could be done in 3 different ways: e-mail (inc.microscopia@uab.cat), phone (93-5812733) or internet (requires contacting the technician to register in this way).

Rules of booking

Schedule and rates (per hour of usage)

The daily INc Microscope Unit schedule is from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, although users, who work in self-service mode with prior technician authorization, can use it from 5:00 pm on and at the weekends/holidays. In this latter case, users need to process the authorization for accessing the Microscope Unit during weekends and holidays. Prior building access authorization is required, and can request to the technician.

Regular pricing quotes are from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm.


For more information please contact:
Meritxell Roig Martínez
Technician of INc Microscope Unit
M Building, Office M1/108
Institut de Neurociències-Faculty of Medicine
Phone: 935812733
Fax: 935812390