Animal surgery in the nervous system

This platform has the aim to support research groups doing experiments involving stereotaxic or surgery techniques. To do that, it counts with qualified and experienced staff.

Groups from INc, researchers from UAB and either other public and private institutions could use this service.
Tasks performed by the lab technician:
  • Stereotaxic and general surgeries
  • Support the researchers during the protocol design and execution
  • Training students and researchers in the surgery protocol design, execution and monitoring during all the surgery stages
  • Advice on the above topics.
Offered Techniques
  • Implantation and design of site-directed cannulas and electrodes for pharmacology, optogenetics or electrophysiology.
  • Site-directed drug administration in moving and anesthetized animals.
  • Stereotaxic injections of drugs, AAV or site-directed cell cultures.
  • General surgery protocols (gonadectomy, cannulation of blood vessels, implantation of devices, etc.).
  • Tissue collection in vivo and ex vivo.

  • Stereotactic Manual (Kopf)
  • Stereotactic Digital Lab Standard (Stoelting) with frame for rat.
  • Stereotactic mouse adapter.
  • Rat and mouse masks for gas anesthesia.
  • Thermal blanket with rectal catheter.
INc members have preference over non-members and within these groups, those which have not previously used the equipment will have preference over those who have used it recently. Another important factor is a first arrive first serve basis, and the possibility of the technician to carry on different projects at a time.

For more information and orders please contact:

Javier Carrasco Trancoso
M Building, Office M1/108, Lab M1/145. 
Institut de Neurociències