Animal and Human Models in Mental Disorders


Our interests and research activity are focussed, in general, on the study of the psychological, neurobiological and neurogenetics processes related to mental disorder’s vulnerability, especially those involving anxiety, attention or impulsivity. Aiming to give a translational approach to our research group-SGR, we study -both in animal models and in human- the mechanisms involved in the genesis, maintenance and treatment of these disorders. An example of this translational approach is the confirmation of the relation between the gen CTNND2 and the anxiety disorder in human (Nivard et al. GENES, BRAIN and BEHAVIOR, 13: 195-201, 2014), after this gen had been proposed, in a previous study we did in rates, as a quantitative gen for anxiety (Baud et al –Rat Genome Sequencing and Mapping Consortium- , NATURE GENETICS, 45: 767-775, 2013).

Ref. SGR 2017-1586