ICREA ACADEMY, Roser Nadal  
Roser Nadal Alemany is Professor at the Department of Psychobiology and Methodology of Health Sciences and member of the Institut de Neurociències. Her research deals with the mechanisms by which stress increases vulnerability to psychopathology, such as anxiety, addiction, post-traumatic stress, depression or impulsivity, using animal models. Dr. Nadal is especially interested in individual differences in stress reactivity and the factors involved in resistance to the negative effects of it.

ICREA ACADEMY, Alberto Fernández Teruel  
Alberto Fernandez Teruel is Professor of Psychiatry and Legal Medicine and member of the Institut de Neurociències. The research of Dr. Fernandez Teruel aims to improve the knowledge of the psychological, neurobiological and genetic characteristics of various psychological and neurological diseases such as stress-related processes, impulsiveness, addiction, schizophrenia or aging.

ICREA ACADEMY, Carlos A Saura  
Carlos A. Saura is Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (Faculty of Medicine) and member of the Institut de Neurociències, where he leads the group of Neurobiology of Alzheimer's disease. His research is aimed at elucidating the mechanisms of neuronal and synaptic dysfunction in Alzheimer's disease and to design new therapeutic strategies to prevent and/or reverse cognitive dysfunction in this disease.