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Dr. Marc Pallarès is a Principal Investigator leading the Neuroesteroids and behaviour laboratory:
Group members:
Iris Bartolomé Torrell
Sònia Darbra Marges
Anna Llidó

Characterization of the perinatal endogenous neurosteroids role in the GABA systems maturation using an animal model of psychopathology based on the development, analyzing the alteration of neonatal allopregananolone levels on adult behaviour (anxious behaviour, depressive and psychotic symptoms).
Characterization of the GABA-positive neurosteroids role in different aspects of the alcohol addiction (tolerance, withdrawal, relapse, etc.). Determinate the relations between the alteration of the endogenous perinatal neurosteroids levels  and the vulnerability to alcoholism.  


1.-  Role of neurosteroids  on brain maturation (hippocampus and thalamus-cortical system) and behavior in adolescence and adult age .
The alteration of the perinatal allopregnanolone levels induces behavioral alterations in the adult age (i.e. novelty induced exploration), and decreases the efficacy of anxiolytic drugs.
We emphasize in psychopathology models based on alterations in brain development.  
2.-  Effects of neurosteroids on alcohol addiction in rats, and also on several alcoholism effects, as cognitive impairment, withdrawal or anxiety.

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