In 2003, researchers with different backgrounds (biology, psychology, medicine, etc.) investigating the nervous system at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), created a platform to join forces and build synergies between groups. Since then, the Institute has been growing, and nowadays there are around 200 members, among researchers, students and support staff.

The main strategic goal is to leave traditional disciplines behind, and from a multidisciplinary and translational approach, investigate the challenges posed by neurosciences in the XXI century: neurodegeneration, neuroregeneration, how the healthy brain works, what happens when it gets sick, and how we could cure it.

We explore all levels of biological organization: from molecular interactions to complex behaviors, using cell cultures, animal models or human patients. The final objective is to find new molecular, cellular, genetic and psychological therapies to nervous system pathologies.



1. Reaching excellence on biomedical research for disorders of the nervous system

2. Potentiating translational research in brain and nervous system diseases

3. Implementing productive and beneficial transfer of knowledge for nervous system pathologies