The new management board has been officially appointed

The new management board has been officially appointed

Jesus Giraldo and Carlos Barcia were officially appointed director and vicedirector of the Institute by University rector, Margarita Arboix, last April the 20th.

Due to the ending of the management board term, an extraordinary meeting of the Institute Council was held last April 3rd. In this meeting of the Council, Jesús Giraldo was elected as the new Institute director, by majority of votes in favour. Jesús presented his management board, which includes; Carlos Barcia, as the vice director, José Ramón Bayascas, Miguel Chillón, and Albert Quintana. Elisenda Sanz, as the seminars coordinator, and Beatriz Almolda, as the student activities coordinator, will complete the team. The new management board will come into office when the director is officially appointed by the University Rector.

We would like to thank the former management board for their effort and dedication.

Elevator Pitch Contest

Elevator Pitch Contest

The Elevator Pitch contest took place last Thursday. Researchers and students from IBB, ICTA-UAB and our institute had two minutes to explain their research to a non-specialized audience.

The public, through their votes, decided the winners: Pablo Machuca, from our institute, Jon Lerga, from IBB, and Carlos Soto, from our institute. IBB, ICTA-UAB and INc directors gave them their awards.

All participants did excellent performances and attendants learned a lot!

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Brain Awareness Week

Brain Awareness Week

This week is the Brain Awareness Week and, to celebrate it, there are a lot of activities going on:
Antonio Florido and Patricia Molina, from the Neurobiology of stress and addiction research group gave a workshop at Liceu Politècnic de Sant Cugat, about the brain and the senses.
Dr. Lydia Giménez, from the Research Group in Demyelinating Autoimmune Diseases (NeuroGene) gave a talk at the Sant Antoni de Vilamajor library, about Oyakudachi.
SAFA Horta school visited our facilities within the program ESCOLAB, coordinated by the Barcelona council.
On Thursday, we will celebrate the first edition of the Elevator Pitch contest, in which researchers from ICTA-UAB, IBB and INc, will have 2 minutes to talk about their scientific projecs.
On Friday, the Neuroplasticity and regeneration research group will give a talk about stem cells to high school students.
Also on Friday, there will be a special INc seminar in which four female neuroscientists in our center will talk about their last projects.
Activities will continue with a workshop by Dr. Carlos Barcia, from the SINDIATER group, at Liceu Politècnic de Sant Cugat, and a new edition of the Mini-neuroscientists conferences at Escoleta.
What a week!
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