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Alberto Fernández Teruel

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Department of Psychiatry and Legal Medicine
Institut de Neurociències
Faculty  of Medicine (room M5-129)
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB)
Bellaterra Campus 08193-Cerdanyola del Vallés

He received the Psychology degree in 1985 and a PhD in Psychology in 1989,  both from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He was working as a predoctoral (PhD) fellow in 1987 at the “Istituto Biologico Policattedra” (University of Cagliari, Italy), with professors MG. Corda, O. Giorgi and G. Biggio, as postdoctoral fellow at the “Dipartimento di Biologia Sperimentale ‘Bernardo Loddo’”  (University of Cagliari, Italy) in 1991, and as a visiting professor at the  ETH-Zentrum (Zürich, Switzerland) in 1990 and 1994. He obtained a permanent position as Associate Professor of  Psychopharmacology and Psychobiology at the University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain;  1996-1998), after which he obtained a permanent position as Associate Professor at the Department of Psychiatry & Forensic Medicine, Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB, Spain; 1998 to the present). Within this Department he is Coordinator of the Animal Research Laboratory and the “Animal and human models of mental disorders” research group (SGR). He has published over 125 peer-reviewed international scientific papers and over 30 spanish (non international) articles and book chapters, as well as 6 academic books.  He has been awarded, among others, with the “‘Martí i Julià’ award  for research in Psychology and Psychiatry” (“Institut d’Estudis Catalans”)  in 1988,  the  “1992 ‘Ciutat the Barcelona Science Award’”,  and the “ICREA-Academia 2013” (ICREA, Catalan Institution for Research and Advanced Studies) award.

He has been Partner Principal Investigator within two European research projects involving over 15 european (and USA) laboratories (the EURATools  -2006-2010-  and EURATRANS -2010-1014-  projects).

Dr. Alberto Fernández-Teruel is the coordinator of the research group Animal and Human Models in Mental Disorders, and leads his own laboratory:

Laboratory members:

Gloria Blázquez Romero

Antoni Cañete Ramírez

Cristóbal del Río Alamos

Cristina Gerbolés Freixas

Carme Mont Cardona

Ignasi Oliveras Puigdelivol

Ana Sánchez González

Carles Tapias Espinosa

Adolf Tobeña Pallarés





Current and future research of our laboratory is aimed at improving knowledge on the psychological, neurobiological and genetic basis of several psychological and neurological diseases. Progress towards these objectives is based on the use of several resources and experimental approaches, namely:


1) The psychogenetically-selected RHA-I and RLA-I inbred rats, which markedly differ in anxious/stress (behavioural and hormonal) responses and incentive/drug-seeking, are a good model to study the neurobiological and genetic basis of anxiety and drug addiction.


2) Besides the use of these RHA-I and RLA-I strains, the N/Nih-HS genetically heterogeneous rat stock (maintained at our lab) is a powerful resource which is being used for fine (high resolution) genetic mapping of complex disease-related phenotypes like anxiety/fearfulness/depression, multiple sclerosis, blood pressure, diabetes-related traits and other endocrine and immunological traits.


3) The triple transgenic 3xTgAD mice are also a powerful model for Alzheimer dementia, which is used at our lab to investigate the possibilities of preventing or delaying the appearance of neuropathological and behavioral symptoms of dementia following infantile/juvenile environmentally-enriched treatments.





1) Neurogenetics of anxiety and genetics of disease-related neural (and non neural) phenotypes in rats.

Using the N/Nih-HS and RHA/RLA rats, and funded by SAF-2003-03480 (IP: A. Fernandez-Teruel), by the Welcome Trust (J. Flint, UK) and by a FP6 European grant (IP: Timothy Aitman, London. IP Partner 11: A. Fernandez-Teruel), this research line is carried out in collaboration with the groups of Drs. Jonathan Flint (Oxford), Peter Driscoll (Switzerland), Tomas Olsson (Sweden), Dominique Gauguier (Oxford), Norbert Hubner (Berlin), Rickard Holdmdal (Sweden), Anna Dominizak (Scottland) and 10 other European research labs.


2) Effects of postnatal stimulation (neonatal handling) and environmental enrichment on neuromorphological, neurochemical and behavioral anomalies related to aging and dementia.

In collaboration with Dr. F.M. LaFerla (California, USA) a colony of 3xTgAD mice (a very recent Alzheimer model) has been established in our lab. Funding for this research line has been obtained from I+D (Spanish Ministry of Education and Science, 2006-2008) and “Marató de TV3” (IP: Lydia Giménez-Llort; Collaborators: Dr. F.M. LaFerla, UCI, USA i Dr. B. Johansson, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm; Dr. C. Sanfeliu, CSIC, Barcelona, Spain).


3) Environmental enrichment, physical exercise and/or special diets in rodents: Long-term behavioral and biochemical effects.

This research line is being developed in collaboration with Prof. Margarita Prunell ( Universidad de La Laguna, Spain), Dr. Yolanda Peña (University of Essex, UK), Prof. Mercedes Unzeta (Dept. Bioquímica, UAB), Profs. Juan Hidalgo and Antonio Armario (Dept. Biologia Cel.lular i Fisiologia), and Prof. Roser Nadal (Area Psicobiologia, Facultat de Psicologia, UAB).

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