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The research group on Mitochondrial Neuropathology in ‘La Fira de la Recerca en Directe’

The Science Fair “Fira de la Recerca en Directe” started today.  In this event, which takes place at CosmoCaixa Museum, different research groups show to high school students and to the general public the most outstanding research conducted in Catalonia.  

Only twelve research groups have the opportunity to participate, and one of them is the INc-UAB research group on Mitochondrial Neuropathology, led by Dr. Albert Quintana. The selection was done through a voting system reviewed by a scientific committee.

The Science Fair, which opens for the general public on Saturday, is an excellent opportunity to introduce neuroscience to society and to show the insights of mitochondrial diseases through experiments and hands-on experiences.

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Long-term caffeine worsens anxiety symptoms and fear in animal models of Alzheimer’s disease

A study coordinated by Dr. Lydia Giménez-Llort in collaboration with the Karolinska Institutet (KI) in Sweden provides evidence that a long-term consumption of caffeine wonders the neuropsychiatric symptoms appearing in the majority of patients affected by Alzheimer Disease.

The research, recently published in Frontiers in Pharmacology, indicate that caffeine alters the behavior of healthy mice and increases neophobia and anxiety-related behaviors in animal models of the disease.

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Brain Awareness Week

For the Brain Awareness Week, we organized a lot of activities for the general public, to share our research with society.

Thanks to all researchers and students that were involved and help make it so successful!

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