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Dr. Miguel Chillón received the UAB Transference award
The first UAB Social Council Night was held the last 4th of October at the Sant Pau modernist building, to celebrate the UAB 50th anniversary. In the event, Dr. Miguel Chillón received the UAB Transference Award for his valuable entrepreneur trajectory in genic therapies. Dr. Chillón so-funded NanoTherapix and Kogenix Therapeutics, two spinoffs to bring therapeutical products to the market.
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'Cells on canvas' at Museu Blau de Barcelona

From the 13th of September to October 28th, the Museu Blau de Barcelona will host the exhibition 'Cells on canvas' by Dr Carlos Barcia. The exhibition, that was inaugurated for the Barcelona Young Neuroscientists Symposium (BYNS 2018), is a very beautiful collection of nervous tissue images under a confocal microscope.

Dr. Albert Quintana received an ERC Proof of Concept Grant

The European Research Council (ERC), with the aim to encourage the highest quality research in Europe, funds and gives support to excellent scientific research projects.

In 2014, Dr. Albert Quintana received an ERC grant to develop his project ‘NEUROMITO: Elucidating neuronal susceptibility to mitochondrial disease’, which allowed him to build up QuintanaLab at the Institute.

On the basis of this project, the research group opened a new research line focused on one of the most important challenges that society will have to face within the next years: the antibiotic crisis.

Due to its innovation potential, its significant impact and its quality, this new research project on antibiotic resistances has now been selected for an ERC Proof of Concept Grant, receiving an amount of 150,000€ for an 18 month period. ‘The grant is a great opportunity to develop a novel approach to figh antibiotic resistances, bringing it closer to the market’ said Dr. Quintana. Congratulations!

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