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The INc initiates the 2017-2018 edition of the Official Neuroscience Master Degree

The Masters in Neuroscience has just started a new edition this week. Academic staff from multidisciplinary fields in neuroscience, including members of INc-UAB with a leading research career will teach theoretical modules and practical-research programs.

The official Master Degree, coordinated by Dr. Margalida Coll, is included in the NENS, Network of European Neuroscience Schools, and combines lectures and laboratory work, resulting in a complete program for future neuroscientists.

The official inauguration will be on October 6th at 12h, and Dr. Josep Dalmau will give the inaugural lecture.

Read more about the INc Official Neuroscience Master Degree.

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Researchers from INc explain why stress hormone can prevent disorders after exposure to traumatic event

A study led by Dr Raül Andero, in wich participated Antonio Florido and Eric Velasco, reveals that the Ppm1f gene is altered when exposed to traumatic stress and is associated with posttraumatic stress disorder, depression and anxiety.

The study also shows the stress hormone prevents the alteration in the expression of the Ppm1f gene in the brain, and would be a possible treatment to avoid psychological disorders after exposure to traumatic stress.

The discovery reveals one of the paradoxes of modern medicine and paves the way for new potential treatments focused on the early prevention of diseases after traumatic stress.

This work is published in Biological Psychiatry, one of the most important journals in Neuroscience, and was carried out in collaboration with the universities of Harvard and Emory (United States).

Read the article

IMARIS workshop


Next 14th of September, a representative of the IMARIS software, from Bitplane, is giving the workshop “3D/4D Microscopy Image Quantification: From 3D to 4D analysis”

The workshop will have both a theoretical and a practical part.

Places are limited, and you must sign up in advance to participate.


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